BLVD Dreams win the LUBTS!

One of the greatest joys we get from doing this showcase is the satisfaction of knowing that we actually contribute to the endeavors of these up and coming artists that are grinding their butts off! We take pride in being the greatest platform in Southern California for the true artist! Not the artist with all the talent in the world and no work ethic, not the who’s too shy or too scared to take the leap of faith to compete among the champions in this industry. We’re here for the artist who not only wants it, but they live, eat, and breathe the life force that is music, which we have become apart of and invested our hopes and dreams into.

The emotion from the artists and their supporters shined brightly and confirmed the sincerity of their hearts and their desires not just to win the $1,000 cash prize, but to have been recognized on that day as the BEST at what they do! BLVD Dreams have gone on and done even greater things since winning the LUBTS earlier this year.  The fast ascend in their endeavors comes not just from winning but by leaving everything on the stage and building lasting relationships with those that they meet in the industry, like those that judge and attend our show.

In 2 days October 24, 2015 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, the opportunities will be plentiful.

Not only will we award the $1,000 Cash Prize, but in attendance we have:

Warner Music Group, Sony Music, KJLH Radio (102.3FM), Revolt TV, Yahoo Music, Complex Media, and more!

So…Who’s Next!?

As Always, Never Ever Give Up On Your Dreams!

2 thoughts on “WHO’S NEXT?!

  1. I Just Browsed Linked In and saw This …….. How Do We Submit Music to You on such a short notice……TM Productions is a small independent music production company here in Los Angeles……We Have New Releases Online and experienced Performing Artist ……Please Preview Us At http://www.marlowmusic.org
    Or Leave info On Artist sign up Times and Location

    1. Thank you for your interest in the LUBTS. We see you have a very diverse roster of talented individuals. Unfortunately the cast for the show tomorrow is closed. However, we do have another showcase scheduled for January 31, 2016 and we have already begun taking auditions, if you’d like to enter one of your artists please fill out the form on the LUBTS page, leaving your phone number, and a representative will help you register, or just call 562-618-2107 and explain to them you’d like to schedule an audition for our next show. If you or someone else would like to attend the showcase on Saturday to check it out, it is open to the public. You may pay at the door or order you a discounted advance ticket here. We look forward to hearing from you soon. As always, Never Ever Give Up On Your Dreams!

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