At 19 years of age, Haidee Vazquez is about to explode! At the age of 6, this Latin songstress of Mexican and El Salvadorian descent had huge ambitions to be the next big singer-actress.  It first started when joined theater; she “fell in love with it right away and never stopped since then.”  Her mom eager to assist Haidee in her endeavors, took her to many auditions and acting classes, including Barbizon School of Modeling and Acting.  When she finished the program, she auditioned for a showcase held by the program and got in as a singer.  Little did she know at the time, fate would meet her there.  One day while practicing for the show, a woman walked up to her and simply asked her if she had a pen and paper then the woman wrote the number to Rowe Entertainment’s Legendary Unlimited Break Talent Show. After auditioning for the showcase, Mr. Rowe and James Rowe, Jr. expressed an interest in working with her.  After winning second place in the showcase, she signed with Rowe Entertainment’s Rowe Records imprint.  Two of her idols are Selena Gomez and Jennifer Aniston. “They made me believe that I can follow my dreams”, she said.  Haidee is now recording her debut album, to be released on Rowe Records.

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