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“God have mercy on America; home of the brave, land of the free.  The land of milk and honey has turned sour for the love of money.  Our children are locked behind a prison cell, parents are wondering, oh, where did they fail.  Gangbanging blood is a drowning pool.  God have mercy, God have mercy.”  So goes the lyrics to the new song set to be released on From Above Records by recording artist, Carla B. Player.  She’s a new refreshing voice that has been all the fuss about lately in the Gospel Music arena.  How do we label her genre of music?  Is it traditional or contemporary?  It is a blessing to sing unto people in general, songs about our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  Now at a spur of the moment that may be a song of tradition, it may well be a contemporary song. But one thing is certain; it is going to be just what the spirit ordered and the refreshing, uplifting that your faith stands in need of.  If the Lord has delivered us (and indeed he has) why do we choose to keep putting ourselves back into bondage musically or any other way?

In The Spirit

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